Saturday, March 2, 2013

How I wean my bb Rae from breast feeding?

I thought it'd be good to document down the wean off process so that some of the BF moms may benefit from my experience.

I had original planned to BF bb for 9 months then gradually wean her off by introducing bottle feed BM to her. The plan was to give her 1 bottle feed BM for 2 weeks then increase to 2 for another 2 weeks then introduce FM into one of the feeds, so become 2 BM and 1 FM, then another 2 weeks increase to 2 FM and 2 BM. So by the time she turn 1 year old, can can be on bottle FM fully with just 1 BM.
Note: BM is Breast Milk, FM is Formula Milk and BF is Breast Feeding

But due to the viral fever in Sept 2012 and house moving, so my weaning plan was not able to proceed as planned.
I only manage to bottle feed her BM in end Oct'12 and was 1 feed a day in the morning.
The in mid Dec'12, I added a feed of FM in the afternoon and after we return from KL, I weaned her off from mid-night BF feeding by changing to FM.
In Jan'13, I change her last night feed to FM.
Her feeding schedule is as follows:
Morning 7am - 120ml FM
Morning 10.30am - 100ml BM
Afternoon 3pm - 150ml FM
Night 9.30pm - 150 FM

I intend to give her BM till her next MMR jab which is next month, then I'll stop pumping BM for her and my life may be easier and more relaxing.

I'd list down the challenge that I faced in weaning her off.

Finding the right bottle
It was a nightmare to find a milk bottle for her as she has been BF exclusively so she won't accept any milk bottle. She rejected my Medela bottles and Calma teat.
But am glad to be able to learn about Como Tomo bottle which is silicon bottle which feel like breast.
Bb Rae was willing to suckle on it.
The bottle cost SGD32 and the fast flow teat is about SGD14.
It is an expensive but worth the investment as she is willing to suckle

Encouraging her to drink from bottle
She resisted bottle feed BM initially and would cry and struggle at every feeds.
I gotta be firmed to let her understand that I m determined to not let her BF.
I sang and talked to her and she finally relented and suckle.

Constant mid-night crying
She was crying fiercely for the mid-night suckle for for few weeks when there was total no BF.
So every night I'd wake up to pacify her by patting her back to sleep or make her FM.
I gotta keep assuring her that no nursing doesn't mean no Love.
During bottle feed, she'd hug me tight and fondle my breast and then smell my breast for comfort.

Frankly speaking, I do miss nursing her.
I miss the "closeness" and the private bonding time that we shared.
I miss her looking at me, smiling at me while she suckles ........
I also miss the convenience of BF as now I gotta pack hot water flask, FM powder, whereas previously I only need to bring a nursing cloth.

It was a tough weaning process but I don't regret BF her.

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