Sunday, September 12, 2010

KL Trip during Hari Raya Holiday - 2010

Yep, we were at KL on 10 Sept since it's Hari Raya holiday on Fri to meet up PIL & family!

As PIL have to go back to Ipoh on Sat 11 Sept since BIL need to attend a friend's wedding dinner reception, we all decided to leave KL on Sat too.

As this is a last min decision to go KL, we rushed to Takashimaya on Thurs night to get mooncake.
We chose the Kia Hiang's mooncake since they're not so sweet and also able to mix and match the flavours (walnut, macadamia & yam) @ $40 with a FOC choco truffle cake. 

SIL's 2nd daughter (5 year old) is a vain pot.
I remembered the last trip we saw her using a mickey mouse plastic bag as a handbag to put her clips to bring to restuarant since she has no proper handbag.
After getting the mooncake, we proceeded to 4th floor of Taka shopping centre to get the Hello Kitty kiddy bags.
I bought 3 different design since SIL has 3 daughters.
The total cost of the 3 bags (with tibits packaged in the bag) was $62/=.
RY thinks this is too expensive just for the kiddy bag and dissuade me from buying, but out of love, I decided to buy for the children.

Oh, 9 Sept was also our ROM anniversary so RY has bought a bouquet of Gerberra for me.
As I know that we wont be able to attend to the flowers since we'll be away, I decided to bring the flower with me to present it to MIL instead as her birthday gifts.

We left SG at about 5.30am onFri and managed to reach KL at about 10.30am.
We meet up the whole family for breakfast.
Then presented the gifts to the various recipients.

MIL was really happy receiving the fresh flowers and the kids went crazy when they saw the Hello Kitty bags with ti-bits.

Lunch was very nice fish head mee hoon ta pau from a restaurant nearby.

Dinner was steamboat at this restaurant that uses pork bone essence for the soup base.
Then we went to "Sweet Hut" for dessert - very lousy tong shui and I know we wont go back again!

After dinner, we went to BIL's place to stay for the night.

The next morning, we went to SIL place to pick PIL to go nearby eatery for breakfast.

After breakfast at about 10.30am, we drove off to SG and reach home about 4pm due to the heavy traffic and long queue at the Malaysia custom (at link).

I must say SG's custom is rather efficient since they opened up the lorry/ van lanes for our usage to ease the congestion.

I think our next trip to KL could be in Oct sinc RY's Kl condo tenant is moving out end of Sept and it's time to look for a new tenant soon ........

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