Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unscrupulous Beauty Salon Operator

A new colleague - YC just joined us 3 weeks ago and I didnt get to talk to him until today when he sent some docs for my signature.

I found out that he was previously working for a renow local beauty house in SG as the supply chain executive incharge of their warehouse.

This is a famous beauty salon that has won "Superbrands" awards for several years and have a full range of in-house beauty & skin care products selling in their various salon outlets.

It was a horror to know that the skin care products marketed by them is bottled in their filthy warehouse with no proper hygeien care.
YC said that the warehouse store keepers would fill up the expensive and classy looking mini bottles using their bare hands.  These bottles are then delivered to the various salon outlets for sales.
Its so unhygenic that the worker themselves would not buy the product for their own use.

The worst is, this beauty house doesnt pay the salary of the worker on time and those who have left only managed to get their salary when they subsequently lodged complains with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
YC told me that he only got his last pay from them recently after he filed his complain with MOM.

Sorry, I cant tell you the exact name of this salon but I can only hint to you that it and has sponsored various TCS programme.

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