Sunday, September 26, 2010

Should I continue to give when there doesnt seem to be any appreciation?

RY's younger sis has a very popular blog where she'd share about her daily lives of raising 3 young daughters.
I'd occassionally visit her blog to read about updates of herself and the 3 girls.

SIL's husband has an older sister who marries a rich Hong Konger and settles in HK with her family.
This HK SIL usually will buy gifts and pastry from HK and courier it over to them in KL.
Last year, this HK SIL paid for RY's sister's 2 older kids air fare to fly them to HK for Christmas.
So naturally, this HK SIL is RY's sis favourit SIL instead of me since I never buy expensive gifts to them.
Well, I do buy gifts but not of the similar price tag (air tix??).

If you go the her blog, you'll see her singing praises of this HK SIL and she even express her gratitude by calling her "the most generous SIL" as she had recently courier a box of HK biscuit over to KL.
But, you'll see that those gifts that I gave her or her child are hardly mentioned in her blog, also no appreciation of what I've given to them.

I'm not sure why I felt kinda hurt when I saw her recent posting calling the HK SIL "the most generous SIL" ......... I'm pretty sad ...........
For years, I've bought gifts for them from my heart using my own hard earn cash (no RY never pays for the gifts).
My thoughts and love is deemed to be too cheap and not worthly of her family???

Do you think its silly of me for feeling hurt?

So maybe from now onwards, I'll abstain from buying gifts for RY's SIL's family since she doesnt seem to be appreciative!
I think she only need ONE Generous SIL from HK to give them gifts!!


  1. Hi Girl,

    Just do what you like, there's no need to purposely abstain from buying stuffsd for the kids. But there's no need to try to match up to the generous SIL either. I guess, you do feel strain sometimes, but as long as you have done your best to be a good SIL, then no one can judge you from the monetary value of your gifts.

  2. Hi Tai Tai

    I agree with you that I shouldn't be too bothered by SIL's comments or behaviour.
    I love her children and shouldn't penalise them for something which is not their fault.
    I'll continue to give what I wanna give and not concern of how/ what SIL measures/ perceives the gifts values!