Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday 11 Dec 2010

Today is my birthday ........

Last night we attended my company's function and arrived home at 11.59pm and RY sang me a Happy Birthday song when the clock ticked at 12 mid-night and also handed me a nicely wrapped gift.

Since last month, he had asked me what I want for my birthday and I told him that I want "nothing".

Do you wanna guess what he give me this year?
He wrapped the "item" in a flat box about the size of a A4 size paper and with a diameter of 1cm.

Initially I thought it was a ladies long wallet with key chain set or a jewellery set.
When I opened it up and was disappointed to see a note pad (a paper note book) but, wait ...... when I looked closer in between the pages, something shimmering & glittering fell off.
Yep, it was a Gold Bar!

RY told me that since he didnt know what to get for me, he decided to buy a piece of gold bar from the SG authorised Bank since it is also a form of investment.

This is indeed a very pratical gift which will appreciate in value!

I appreciate the thoughts and efforts he puts in.
He must've spent some time thinking of what to get and how to wrap this small piece of gold bar to surprise me!

This afternoon we'll go for a movie and then have a dinner in town.

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