Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meeting up my Old Friend!

Yesterday I didnt go to work as I was attending training in town.

My ex-secondary school classmate - MyL met me up for lunch as she was on leave.
I've known MyL since sec 1 and we still keep in touch every now and then but more recently as she's preparing her wedding in Feb'11.  So I'd give her my opinion on her gown, hand bouquet, make-up artist, photography etc ..........

It was nice meeting up old friends and brought back fond memories of days of being young and wild ........
She was the friend who brought me to pub and disco when I was 18 ........ and I remembered going to her place almost every saturday to dress up for the party and spent the night at her place since she stayed in town.  Oh I'd the permission from my parents to spend the night at her place as they knew her pretty well too!

MyL is a interior designer and studied in NAFA after GCE "O" Level while I chose the acadamic route to do JC then University.

She remembered my birthday and wanted to buy me dinner but I rejected and insisted paying as I know she had already spent a fortune in her wedding preparation.

I hope we can continue remain as friends till we grow old ............

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