Friday, May 20, 2011

Slack in my postings

I must admit that ever since I started to become a SAHHM and stay in KL, I ve been pretty slack in my postings.

I guess this is because of the stress free routine I am having now.

Everyday doing the same thing and the happiest days would be weekends since RY is with me to keep me company.
I would stay at home from Mon till Fri and RY would bring me out "path thor" to have quiet time by ourselves.
He'd drive me to Mid Valley mega mall or Bt Bintang to shop and dine.

Another reason being the kids like my IPad very much and will crowd around whenever I uses it.
So it kinda restrict my posting since it's disturbing to have them around me.

I'll try to update more whenever possible to journal my thoughts and daily lives..........

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