Friday, May 20, 2011

I Just Wanna Be Happy!

My objective now would be to relax and rest and not to be stressed up by anything!

I will do whatever I feel happy doing.

RY is very supportive, I know it's kinda weird that I stays in KL while he is alone in SG and travels to KL every weekend.
He said it's important for me to be happy and he is happy when I am.

My mum is not very pleased with what I am doing now and think that I ve neglected my husband.
I know she meant well but i am happy with this holiday arrangement now and can't be too bothered by what she thinks, as long as RY is not against it.

I may go to HK to join my sis in June since she will be there with her son during the school holidays.
I am still contemplating how to spend my free time now.
Let's see how it goes and my holiday plan may change.

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