Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kind Soul

Last Monday, RY and myself took a bus back to SG as RY didn't drive.
RY would alternate between driving and taking coach to KL as it could be too tiring to drive consecutively.

As we arrived the Woodlands custom, we were pondering whether to take a direct bus or taxi to go home.
I insisted taking bus to cut cost as we are currently living on single source of income.

As we approached the bus stop, we realized that I didn't bring my Easi Link card (but RY brought his with him) and we also didn't have small change to take bus (SGD10 is our smallest note).
So we asked around for people for small change of SGD10 into denomination of $2 but none got. Then out of sudden, there was this humble looking couple who stretched out their hands with a $2 note to us, saying they didn't have the full ten dollar change but is willing to give us the $2 for free.
We were very grateful but we didn't want to accept their hard earned cash without repaying.
So RY took out a Malaysian currency RM5 to exchange with them.
They had initially refused but we insisted so they finally accepted.

The simple gesture from the humble couple really touched our heart.
Thanks for the $2, kind soul (sorry that we didn't get your name) ..........

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