Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm back in SG!

Last Fri, I had followed PIL to KL and we stayed at SIL's place.
RY arrived KL in the late afternoon and we had a "mini" celebration of FIL's birthday in Taman Desa chinese restaurant since last Fri, 19 Aug, was his exact birth date.
It was a mini one because RY's younger brother had work commitment and not able to join us, and we had previously planned to have a serious celebration on Saturday.

Then the following day, RY brought me to cut hair at mid valley and also did hair henna at Bangsar.
We did some shopping and then came back in time to shower and dressed up for FIL birthday dinner.

We went to Unique Seafood restaurant at PJ, which was the same as last year when we celebrated FIL's birthday in 2010!
We were given the same VIP room with Karaoke facility.
It was a very enjoyable dinner as we sang out lungs out with the kids.
The dinner was pretty costly at RM1.5k!

We only reached SIL home at about 11pm and get tO sleep at about 1am.

The next day, Sunday, we had dim sum brunch at New Court Chinese restaurant.
We went to Tesco to do some grocery shopping before we drove off for SG at about 3pm.

We arrived SG at about 6.30pm.

It's nice to be home sleeping on my familiar bed with RY with me!

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