Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Alone

Last Thurs MIL received a sad news that her step mother (her dad had 2 wives, her maternal mum died years ago) passed away in the afternoon, so she and FIL went to the wake on Thurs evening after dinner with me. 
They returned home at about 2am on Fri morning and left for the wake again at about 11am same day.

The wake was in Kuala Kangsar (a royal town which is half an hour drive from Ipoh) and for 2 days.
The funeral is on Saturday, which is this afternoon and there will be a group dinner after the ceremony.

Since they need to attend the funeral early on Sat morning, they'd decided to stay in KK hotel for a night.

So I was home alone on Fri!

They didnt want me to go with them as they didnt want to tired me and also RY is arriving on Sat early morning, as such I need to be around to open the door for him.

Being home alone is fine except for the part on finding food for myself!

I had suggested to walk out to the nearby eatery for my meals, but PIL disallowed as Malaysia is generally not a very safe place to walk alone. They had refused to let me go out and also didnt want me to cook my own food since I may not be familiar with their stove, crokery etc.
Luckily we had home cooked fried noodle and fried rice for lunch and dinner respectively on Thurs and there was some left over, so on Fri, I had the left over noodle for lunch and fried rice as dinner.

I had the whole house (double storey semi-d) to myself on Fri till Sat morning and I was really lonely.

This was what I did to kill the boredom:

- At 11am, said goodbye to PIL and surf the internet till it was about lunch time.
- At about 12.30pm, I heated up my noodle and had my lunch.
- Surf internet and watch TV till 4pm
- Read my novel till 6pm
- Take my shower
- At about 7pm heated up fried rice and had my dinner while watching TV
- Chatted with RY before he left SG home to catch the bus to Ipoh
- At About 8.30pm, went up to the bedroom to surf the net and read my novel till I fell asleep at about 12 midnight

- Alarm went off at about 5.30am on Sat morning and also received RY's SMS that he was arriving home via taxi.
- Hurray! RY arrived home at 5.45am (this was the best part since it ended my lonely ordeal!)
- From 6am onwards prepared breakfast and eat with RY and did laundry etc

I am glad that RY changed his mind to come to Ipoh this weekend, else I may need to spend a lonely Saturday too as PIL will only be back after dinner ............ and I may starve since no more left over food .........

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