Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy National Day 2011

Happy Birthday Singapore!
This year, SG is celebrating 46 years of independence on 9 Aug 2011, tomorrow!

I am very happy as RY is spending this long weekend with me in Ipoh, as he took Monday off to stay from Sat to Tue (6 to 9 Aug).

RY has been taking overnight Fri bus from SG to Ipoh (arrive Ipoh on Sat early morn) for the past weekends And return on Sun night to arrive SG on Mon early morning.
Since mid July, he had been trying to get return ticket on 9 Aug (Tue) instead of Te usual Sun so that he can spend longer time with me, but with no avail since the bus ticket was sold out weeks before. He was lucky to secure the bus ticket to come to Ipoh on 5 Aug Fri night and according to the bus company, the Sun return tixs were plenty as many chose to return late on Tue to have a long weekend with their loved ones in Ipoh.

For the last 2 weeks in Jul, we were calling practically the bus company everyday to hope for a return tix on 9 Aug but the reply was negative.
Just when we were about to give up, on the previous Sunday while we were seeing RY off at the bus station, we made a last attempt to enquire about the 9 Aug night departure bus.
To our surprise, the counter staff told us that they happened to have one last ticket as someone had given up his seat!

We were so happy and quickly grabbed the tix!

As RY is spending 4 days here in Ipoh, he is contemplating whether to come to Ipoh this weekend.
He asked me if I would like him to come, I said my answer would be biased so I told him to decide.
I think most probably he won't come, which I will know tomorrow since he would usually buy the bus ticket for the next visit at the bus station before he departs.
So I will only see him the following week!

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