Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to discipline my bb?

My bb is very active and has been making me lose my cool.
At times, I'd raise my voice and tell her NO and when it doesn't work, I'll shout at her (I know it's bad) and if it still doesn't stop he mischief, I'll resort to beating her using the short plastic balloon stick ( hub disallowed me to get cane and I didn't want to use my hand as a hitting tool for I believe that hand is to cuddle and hug her).
But hub has been disciplining her with his bear hand and now bb copy the action and hit us or her friends.
I kept telling hub to change but he is not listening.

I must try to rectify this mistake.
I pray to God to let me be a patient and loving mum so that I can maintain my cool and not get angry with my precious baby. 
I also hope that hub would agree with me and work with me to a better way to discipline bb Rae......

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