Friday, March 20, 2015

Cranky baby in school

Just now at noon time, Baby Rae's school form teacher Ms N called me to inform that bb Rae has been crying non stop since this morning and she wanted to know if anything special or unusual happened at home before she came to school.  I told the teacher, nothing extraordinary took place and she was happy when she left home for school and asked them to monitor her.
I told them it won't do her any good if I were to bring her home now as she may repeat the same in order to come home early or miss school.

Teacher said she would pacify and comfort her, and would inform me if they require me to bring her home early should the situation worsens.

RY told me that this morning while they were queuing up to have the tempreature taken at the school, a girl who was in the line cried out loud and her mom was hugging and consoling her.
He suspects that bb Rae could be affected by that girl's cries.

When baby comes home, I gotta have a good talk to her to find out what happens that make her so sad today. I hope after an afternoon nap, she'd feel better and happier.

I don't really enjoy receiving phone call from school.
It's known that "No News is Good News"!

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