Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Single Parenthood"

Since last year, there was a change in RY's job scope and he has to travel frequently and mostly to USA.
During his absence, I'll be the playing "single parent" to bb Rae.

There are pros and cons when RY is away.
Let's talk about pros:
1 less tedious cooking and no oily kitchen
RY is pretty fussy when it comes to food.
He doesn't like chicken except when it's cooked in curry or turmeric sauce but bb can't eat spicy stuff so I gotta grill or steam a chicken dish separately for her.
He also doesn't like repetition of dishes, so I gotta cook different variety for 6 days.
When he travels, I'd just steam or grill meat and veg dish for bb and myself, easy peasy.

2 own time own target
In the morning, RY would send bb to school and also fetch her after work.
So it's a mad rush in the morning when he doesn't inform in advance his need to go to school early for meetings.
He'd also fetch bb home anytime that suits his routine. I may be busy preparing dinner while they are back and usually bb would demand my immediate attention.
So morning and evening time are my "peaks"!
During his absence, I'd time myself to get bb ready and send her to school in the morning.
And in the evening, I'd get the necessary ingredient ready prior to fetching bb from school and only need to turn on the power switch to steam the dishes when we are home.

3 flexible weekend
When RY is home, he'd rather stay at home then being us out so all of us would stay at home to spend time together as a family.
While he is away, I'd plan outings to bring bb out to have fun either at the park or visit the local attractions like Garden by the Bay etc or do some shopping.

Now let's talk about the cons:
1 disturbed sleeps
When RY is around, he'd usually sleep late and also would wake up once or twice in the middle of the night to go toilet cum check on bb to make sure she has her blanket covered.
So when he is not around, I gotta push myself up to check on her.

2 less Me time
As I gotta send and fetch bb to/fro school, I gotta lesser time to myself.
When RY is home, he'd play with bb so I get to do other chores.
So when he is not around, I gotta play with her, cooks, cleans and feed her too.

3 Tiring
Yes, it's tiring to be "single parent" as I'm constantly need to think of activities to keep bb occupied to expel her all her energy.

Seems like the pros and cons are on par.
So like it or not, I gotta live with it as RY is currently the sole breadwinner.
My responsibility is to ensure bb eats healthy, sleep, play and grows up well so that he can concentrate in bringing back the bacon.

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