Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back from Europe

We're back from Europe since last Fri and now I am busy unpacking and doing the laundry.
Before we left SG 2 weeks ago, the sky was blue but when we returned, the sky was grey and the air smelled bad due to the haze.

I've been doing laundry portion by portion so that I can move the clothes indoor to air should the haze worsen.
A glad that the sky seemed clearer since last Saturday.

I must say that traveling with a young toddler is very challenging.
Throughout the 2 weeks trip, I didn't have a good sleep as bb Rae turned cranky during bed times due to foreign environment and I gotta calm her down.
I am really glad that I managed to wean her off from EBM as it was impossible to wake up early to express BM.

I was awake since 4.30am daily to ensure we were on time for the tour and if I gotta express BM, then I'd need to wake up at 3am!

The weather in Europe was very pleasant, it was early summer so it wasn't hot nor cold.

Baby was able to eat a packet each of bb food for lunch and dinner and she had more milk then usual; she drank 4 to 5 times daily instead of the usual 3 feeds.  I guess the jet lag had make her lost of appetite.

She slept in the coach most of the time and when she was awake she'd played with me or RY or the tour mates (we joined a guided tour instead of free n easy).

She behaved so well that all the tour mates including the tour leader were impressed with her.

Europe is not very stroller friendly, so most of the time I carried her in the carrier.

It was a wonderful experience to travel with bb as the last time we were in Europe was just RY and me!
I think bb will not remember anything about this trip.
Most important is we as parents experienced traveling with her when she was 17 months old!
I'll cherish this memory........

Let me show u some pics of my cheeky girl during this trip.

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