Saturday, June 8, 2013

Toughest job!

I met up with a mommy friend 2 days ago for lunch.
We were supposed to meet in Orchard for lunch but due to me lack of sleep (bb's mid-night Merlioned episode), I was too tired to travel so my friend came to the mall near me for lunch instead.

It was a nice meet up and we chatted over lunch to share about our little ones and also about being mum.
We both agreed that being mum is a tough job and I personally feel that being a SAHM is the toughest job I've ever had ........

SAHM has no annual leave, sick leave or time off, no salary, no bonus or AWS, no overtime pay but overtime is expected, multi tasking is also expected.
SAHM contributions has the least recognition in the society!
SAHM like any other job has its ups and downs, as well as work stress but we've no HR dept to complain to.  We only can talk to hubby and hopefully he listens but sometimes he is the source of our frustrations so he may not understand.
Being a SAHM means that hub and others like MIL may've certain expectation on you being able to clean house, do household chores, cooks, care and discipline bb with perfect score of 10/10 since you're home all the time.  
RY expects me to attend to bb whenever she gets cranky especially in the middle of the night or early morning so that he can get a good sleep and if i dont act timely, he'll get upset.  MIL expects me to handle all housework by myself and not bother hub so that he can concentrate working and have good rest after work. (Note: MIL has never taken care of her kids full time as her mother helped her while she worked).
Anyone who is a SAHM like me with no helper would understand that its no mean feat to handle housework and bb alone.  
I need a break too!
When you're at work, you get tea break and lunch break but being a SAHM, I've no such break!
My meal time is a short 5 mins to let me swallow my food without tasting it.
The worst part is when baby cries while I've stomach upset and gotta decide which to do first, attend to bb or go toilet, it's an agony to hold back your "shxx" while attending to bb but its also heart breaking to hear her cries loudly and fiercely.
Rae is very "sticky" to me and want me to carry her like a koala bear and refused to leave me to let me do my work.

The rewards of SAHM is non-monetary!
I get to care for bb personally, ensuring that she eats balanced diet and be part of her growing up companion, play with her and teach her words.
We sing/ dance and laugh together.  
My job satisfaction is when I see her growing up well and hear her call me MaMa!
i'm also glad that I'm able to witness her achieving the different milestones.
So there is pros and cons of bring a SAHM and I hope the cons are temporary only.........
As a matter of fact, I do enjoy my time with bb Rae.

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  1. hmm, good post about being SAHM. I have to prepare myself for all this. It is tough but rewarding!