Monday, June 10, 2013

Packing up for the Europe trip

Prior to the arrival of bb Rae, packing for holiday or biz trip was easy and merely took me a few hours to complete.
But with baby (especially such a sticky one), it seems to be taking me forever to pack ........
I can only pack while bb is asleep and gotta do it early in the morning like 4am and have about 3 hours each time to organise and pack for 2 paxs (bb and me).
Do note that not only I gotta pack her clothes, I also need to plan how many diapers/ wipes, how much milk powder, bb food pouches (yep, she is still eating bb food as she only has front teeth and no molar yet so she refused to chew or grind food which is not soft to her liking) and which toys to bring along etc ........ 

I only managed to pack for bb and has yet to pack for myself.

Wish me luck in my packing and hopefully I can pack in time!

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