Saturday, June 1, 2013

Down with common cold

Bb Rae is down with common cold and has been sneezing with running nose for a week.
I weaned her off from EBM just before she turned 17 months old and after a week of no breast milk, her immunity went down.

To boost her immunity, I've given her Scott's Emulsion and hopefully she can recover fast on her own with no medication required.


  1. Hi! Last year I emailed you as I was very inspired by your story. I've managed to get pregnant after my 3rd IVF transfer and am due to give birth in a few weeks' time. I'm happy to see that your baby Rae is growing up well!

  2. Hi Ariel
    Am happy for u as I know that you'll be receiving your bundle of joy soon!
    Just continue to be happy n positive and enjoy your pregnancy as well as joy of being mum!