Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teething Bleeding

Bb Rae is considered slow when it comes to teething.
She had her 1st tooth when she was 8 months old and when she was 1year old, she only had 2 upper and 2 lower front teeth.
Then when she was 14 months old she had 4 upper and 4 lower front teeth.
Her molars only came out few days ago (last Monday) while we were in Ipoh for the long weekend vacation.
Her 1st upper right molar erupted on Monday then 2 days later the other 2 appeared at the same time, now awaiting for the left lower molar to come out.

Last Friday (we were still in Ipoh) while cleaning her teeth after milk, I saw blood stains on the handkerchief.
I was shocked as this has never happened when she had her front teeth.
The bleeding lasted for about 3 days and it finally cleared yesterday.

I checked up the Internet that this is teething bleeding as the big molar pushes its way up and out on the surface.
A check with my other mummy friends confirmed that this is normal.

According to the dentist, baby will experience most discomfort when the canies teeth erupted.
I hope that Baby Rae will be spared from any teething agony (a simple wish of a mummy)!

Update on 18 Sept:
Bb's left lower molar came up when she turned 20 months old and few days ago, her left upper canie tooth eruptef, so now left with three canies and the last 4 molars which should appear when she is about 2 and 2.5 years old respectively.

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