Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mummy was sick

Last Friday, I woke up with a heavy head and aching body.
I thought I'll be ok to perform the daily task, so I cooked for bb, did some house cleaning, woke bb up and fed her milk then bathed her.

But towards lunch time, I was feeling really tired and lousy and quickly text RY to come home for lunch to feed bb as I was really sick to do anything.
I was lying on the sofa while bb played in the living room and she would come to me and asked me to play with her.  Being really weak and sick, I just stared at her and didnt do anything.
My bb was frustrated as she couldn't get mummy to play with her, so she walked up n down and threw her toys all over to seek my attention.

My good husband came home at 12.30pm to feed bb Rae and also bought me mee hoon soup for lunch.
After feeding bb, he rushed back to work.

I was so sick that I slept in the afternoon together with bb and I woke up in time to cook bb's porridge for dinner.
RY came back early to cook dinner for us.

He took care of bb while I turned in early for the night.

The next morning, I woke up with painful throat and then realized that I was having tonsillitis.
I drank plenty of water and recovered by Sunday.

The last time I was so sick was last year June when I was down with rota virus infection.

I always took great care of myself as I fear to fall sick since I am the sole care giver of bb Rae.
Fortunately RY was in town so he was able to help out.
I can't imagine what will happen if he is on biz trip ..........

Note to self, must really take good care of my own health for the sake of my bb and hub!

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