Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A day out in RWS

I've won free tickets to SEA aquarium in RWS from CIMB bank and need to collect the tix by this Wednesday. The tickets are valid for 180 days.
So yesterday, I brought BB Rae to RWS by MRT and bus (I hardly take taxi as I think it's pretty costly to me, moreover we lives in town so public transport is pretty accessible).

I brought a stroller with me since I think it's useful to stroll her around the big RWS compound.

We took a MRT to Harbourfront station and changed to RWS bus transfer,
It was pretty tough to handle a baby, a pram, diaper bag and her lunch bag (brought porridge to feed as I'm limiting her in take of outside preservative, MSG and other additives laden food). 
Boarding the bus is always a real challenge as the entrance of SG buses are pretty narrow with a railing divider.

We collected the SEA Aquarium tickets and then went to lunch in McDonald.
We walk around the big compound before we head home.

We took the RWS bus transfer out of Sentosa then took a direct bus back home.

Baby was really tired from the running around and had a good nap when we reached home.

It isn't easy to bring a child out alone and I do hope people will be more compassionate to lend a helping hand if they ever see a struggling mum in need ......... A simple gesture of opening the door or pressing the lift "Open" button would definitely help!

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