Friday, August 23, 2013

Ok, we'll go to School!

We've finally decided to send baby Rae to school and she'll start on 2 Sept for half day class.

The school allows a 2 weeks trial period and in the event that baby doesn't like it, we can withdraw her.

During the registration, I've raised few concerns to the Principal and she assure me that my worries are trivial and can be easily resolved.

These are my concerns:
1 Baby Rae is still unable to self feed
Principal : the teacher will feed her till she is able to self feed and usually with peer learning, she'll pick up the skill fast.

2 Baby Rae prefers soft diet and chew her food thoroughly so she eats really slow
Principal : she is an active toddler and requires lots if energy to be active, should encourage her to eat more solid diet and the teacher will be patient in her feeding.

3 Baby Rae is very active and can't sit still, so may not be able to blend well with the school system
Principal : it's normal for kid like her to run around and many kids started this way and gradually get used to the school routine

4 Baby Rae is very expressive so she may make loud noises if things r not to her liking.
Principal : it's normal for young toddler to make nose as they have not master the right communication skill. They'll learn through teaching and playing.

5 Baby Rae is tall and strong to her age and may exert too much force on other kids, like pushing or patting hard.
Principal : the teachers will observe and ensure the safety of the kids and do corrective action should they spotted any pushing or beating incidents.  Teacher will feedback the incident in class to parents but will not reveal the "culprit" identity so as not to victimized the child.

6 If due to emergency we're not able to pick baby up by 1pm, what should we do?
Principal : Arrangement can be made for the parents to fetch the child later if due to emergency, but not on frequent basis.

We're pretty satisfied with the Principal's replies and went ahead with the enrollment instantly.

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