Thursday, September 12, 2013

HFMD in Rae's School

Last Tuesday afternoon, Bb Rae's teacher called that there is a confirmed HFMD case in her school.
A boy was rejected entry on Monday due to fever and the following day a visit to the doc confirmed that he has HFMD.
The teacher informed that upon knowing about the HFMD case, they have disinfected the school facility and all toys, but advised parents to decide if they would like to keep their child away from school for sometime as the incubation period of the virus could be up to 10 days.

After discussion with RY, we've decided to abstain bb from school this week as not sure if there maybe new case.

Lucky I am a SAHM, so I'm able to make swift decision to stop bb from school as I can look after her myself.
So in time of such emergency, being a SAHM is good!

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