Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Teachers Day 2013

Last Thursday was Teachers Day celebration day in BB Rae's school and the following day was a day off for all the teachers in SG, so no school for bb (not sure if it applies to just preschool and primary schools).
I only realized on Wednesday about the celebration and was wondering if I had sufficient time to prepare the gifts for the teachers.

On Thursday morning, I quickly sent bb to school then came home to do house cleaning and left home at 10.30am to the shopping mall nearby to shop for gifts.
After walking around, I decided to get the teachers a gift pack consists of a Hand cream and a Face mask.
I bought the items from SASA and the sales assistants were very kind to help me removed the price tags and helped me packed them into individual packs.
Next, I went to a kiddy shop to get a Hello Kitty (HK) post it note to write the message.
Then I found a quiet corner to repack and sealed the gifts and attached a HK note each.
I checked the time, it was about noon and I had not finished packing.
Lucky RY called me and informed that he was nearby and offered to fetched bb home.
I got him to fetch me from the mall to go to the school together.

We reached baby's school at about 12.30pm and I told bb to distribute the gift to the individual teacher personally, there were 13 of them.
The teachers were very happy and my bb enjoyed giving too!

I am glad that I managed to get the teachers' gifts in time (in a mad rush of course).
Hopefully next year I can be more prepared!

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