Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midnight demand

Baby is recovering from the common cold and she has lots of phlegm in her throat, so she feels the discomfort and would drink more water.

Usually baby Rae would cry and whine in the middle of the night and I'd need to guess what she wants as I've no clue. I'd either pat her to sleep or make her milk. 
Each time I'd tell her she needs to tell mummy what she wants so that I can attend to her needs swiftly.

Early this morning, she woke up in the middle of her sleep and said "I want water"!
I gave her some water and she went back to sleep.

I was very happy as she is able to communicate her needs to me in the middle of the night which makes it easier for everybody.
I hope she'll continue to do so.

Actually, at 19 months old, baby Rae had begun to talk in sentences, like "I like", "Give me phone", "Bye see you" "where is it" etc.

Everyday is a "Discovery Day" for me as I get amazed and impressed by my baby's development!
This is the good part of being a SAHM!
I'm around to witness her little achievements as she grows ...........

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