Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby in School

Yesterday was bb 1st day in school!

I woke her up at 7.50am to fed her milk and shower her.

We reached school at 8.20am to q up to let the teacher check her temperature and examine her hand, foot and mouth before letting her inside the school.

It was breakfast time and bb Rae sat down at the dining area to eat with her new friends.
Breakfast was cornflakes with milk but bb preferred hers without milk.

After breakfast, it was story time before the children went into their individual class.
There were 2 other new kids in her playgroup and the teacher let them play at the big play area.

I left the school at about 9.30am as I felt that I should let bb get used to not having me around when she is in school.
The teacher informed that should bb cry uncontrollably or any emergency, she will call me.
I went back with a heavy heart.

I came home to do house cleaning and prepare the ingredients for dinner.
I also checked on my phone continuously for fear that I might missed the school's call.

RY fetched me for lunch at 12 noon and then fetched bb home.

The teacher informed that Bb behaved very well and was able to sit through the class.
She was also able to follow instructions and didn't look for me.
She managed to eat half a bowl of porridge with teacher's assistance.

But bb had a bruise on her left upper eyelid on the first day of school.
Before I left in the morning, she was ok.
The teacher was very apologetic and explained that she didn't cry and nobody knew what happened.

RY and myself were "heart pain" but nothing can be done except to apply some ointment on her when we got home.

On the way home, bb told me that she is very happy and likes school very much.
I gave her some apple and milk.
She napped for 2.5 hours.

Today is her 2nd day in school.
I woke her up at 8am to prepare her and reached school at 8.40am for breakfast, she ate cheese sandwich.
I left at 9.30am and fetched her home at about 12.15pm.
The teacher feedback that she was good except that she doesn't like to share toys with friends.
She also finished a bowl of rice with tou foo, fishball and veg soup.

My precious bb had a fragrant pear and milk.
she just slept at 2pm and I shall wake her up at 4pm.

I hope my bb can adapt well in school fast and pick up good habits like toy sharing, self feeding and good social skill.

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