Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TCM Updates

I've been seeing this TCM for about 2 months.
I wonder if my general health being have improved ...........but my mens seem to improve since the flow is more.

It's really expensive to undergo TCM treatment, on average, each week it cost me S$95 and it consists of 40 min accupunture and medication for 1 week.

On top of the TCM treatment, I also take DHEA (3 tabs a day @ 25mg per tab).

After my Beijing trip, I was rather weak.
I got flu attack 2 weeks ago and then last week, I got fever.
My tempreature fluctuated like a yo-yo, on CD12, I was 37'C then dropped to 36.3 on CD13 then rose to 36.5'C from CD14 toCD16 then rise to 36.7'C on CD17 to CD18.
On CD19 it went up to 37.6'C and dropped till 36.2 the next day.
Subsequently on CD21 went up to 36.5'C and then CD24 rose to 36.7'C for 2 days.

I hope this high temp can substain as long as possible ............ I really hope to me preg .............

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