Monday, December 28, 2009

Ipoh during X'mas

On 24 Dec, we went to Ipoh for a short vacation to visit RY's parents.

The custom in both SG & MY at 2nd link were very clear and we pass through swiftly.
Traffic on the hiway was ok too except for the stretch nearing KL is abit congested.

We arrived Ipoh on 24 Dec 6.30pm and we thought we'd arrived at about 8pm since we set-off from SG at 1pm.

We went to near by cze cha place for x'mas eve dinner with the whole family (RY's younger brother and sister came back from KL for the festive holiday too).
His sister has 3 young and beautiful daughters, they are very adorable too.

On X'mas day, RY's parents tah pau some hawker food for our breakfast and lunch, RY brought me to the famous Hong Tou restaurant  in old Ipoh town for the prawn mee hoon.
The RU brought me to Funny Mountain for the nice beancurd and also bought some local snack for my family.
Dinner was home cooked meal prepared by FIL.

After dinner, we went to GV for movie - Avatar.

On Saturday, we went to Yoke Fook Moon for dim sum breakfast.
Lunch was hor fun and mee hoon at YMCA and we went to Secret Recipe for desserts.
Dinner was at this new restaurant called Hoi Seng, the pork ribs was really tasty - its like our Kong Bah Pao

On Sunday, it was some hawker food breakfast and lunch was home cooked pasta.
Dinner we went to Move n Peak for steamboat buffet.

We left for SG on Monday morning at 7am and arrived at 12.15pm and had lunch at Jurong West.
Then RY send me to office since I only applied half day leave - arrive office at 1pm.

This trip in Ipoh is basically eat,  sleep & watch TV as we hardly go out.
The only outdoor activity I did was morning jog and playing with neighbours' doggies.

The 1st corner house has 2 golden retriever and a beagle and the house next to PIL is a mongrel.

Ipoh is a laid back town and is an ideal place for retirement ..........
I think I'll retire there............

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