Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday Celebration on 11 Dec (Fri)

When I was younger, I enjoyed having group of friends' companny or eating expensive dinner and receiving present would make me happy.

Last month, RY asked me what do I want for this year's birthday.
I told him "nothing" and told him I dont want any expensive gift nor dinner.

Last Thurs evening, RY gave me a surprise by giving me a bouquet of roses and the next day, he came to my office take me out to lunch at Swensen.
As it's my actual day of birthday, the restaurant gave me a free Firehouse ice-cream.
RY sang me a birthday song when the ice-cream was presented to me after the main course was finished.
He gave me a red packet (ang pao) as present.

Then in the eveing, we went to mum's place for some home cooked dinner.
RY surprised me by bringing me a cake to mum's place and together with mum, sis & brother, they celebrated this happy day with me.

I was very happy on my birthday (its really simple and quiet).
Simplicity is Beautiful!

Next week (22 Dec) will be RY's birthday and I wonder what should I do for him since its a Tuesday ..............
I shall update next week.

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