Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily Routine in KL

Morning wake up at 6.30am to see SIL's eldest daughter - AY off to school.
Then I will go wash up and then wake her 2nd daughter - SY, up to get ready to go to school.
At 8.05am walk SY to school which is just a stone throw away.
Back at home about 15 mins later to have my breakfast.
From 9am to 12pm, I'll either play with the youngest daughter - CY or play with my computer surfing the net.
Then at 12.05pm, I will walk to school to fetch SY home.
Eat lunch at about 1pm and then take break by reading my novels that I brought from SG.
At about 3pm, I'll help SIL to sort out her clothes stock which she sells on line.
Depending on the volume, I may finish in an hour's time or take longer if it's a bigger pile of stock.
Then I will tuition the kids in their home work till about 6pm to go for m shower.
At about 7.30pm is dinner time.
I will continue to play with the kids after dinner before I wash up to go t bed a about 10pm.

That's how I spend my day in KL.

How I wish I can do the same with my owns kids ......
I know this day is coming very soon, I just need to be patient.

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