Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loveable Children

The kids have brought a lot of joy and laughter to me!

You just can't get angry too long with them even when they really mess things up.
Just looking into their eyes and when they say "Please"' you sure melt.

The youngest daughter CY just ran to me with a piece of paper cut into shape of a crescent moon, and say "auntie this is for you!" and I asked her what is this, she said it's a moon for you and she just came with another triangle shape paper saying "it's a fish for you"!

In the morning, I will play YouTube video for her to watch cute animal video and she'll jump with joy over those cute animals she sees.

The 2nd daughter SY is a social butterfly.
This morning during our usual morning walk to school, we met an Indian gentleman who owns a tailor shop on the ground floor.
When she saw him, she greeted him politely and then they chatted.
I was surprised to see them acting like good friends.
SY told me that the indian man is her friend because he gives her sweets.
She is a social butterfly who can make friends with anyone.

The eldest daughter AY is a ver sensible girl who likes to sit on my lap whenever she sees me.
It is a breeze to tuition her as she listens and understands very well.
She is a really pretty girl with oval face and big almond shape eyes.

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