Sunday, April 3, 2011

R&R in KL

I am in KL since last Wed 30 Mar and is having a great time holidaying here.
The only work I need to do is to tutor the SIL's kids in doing their homework.
After staying with SIL for 5 days, I get to understand that being a mom is a full time job, the first to wake up but the last to sleep.
It's really tough ........ But I am prepared for the challenge to be a Mother myself!

I am glad that I came to KL to spend some time with the family.
The children has brought a lot of laughter to me, which I would share with you.
So I ve decided to stay 2 more weeks since I don't have to report to work.

RY came on Fri 1 Apr and will be going back to SG on Mon 4 Apr.
He will fetch me home 2 weeks later.
I don't allow him to come next weekend for fear that the weekly traveling may tire him.
But I think he will still come next weekend to KL to see his darling - Me.

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