Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Precious Bb Turns 2 Today!

Today, 21 December 2013, marks another milestone for my bb and me.
Yes, she turns 2 years old today and am a mum for 2 years and still counting on .........

I've set the timeline to give her strict home cooked food till she turns 2 and from now onwards, I'll be slightly lax in introducing outside hawker/ restaurant food.
So it means, I'd not need to cook porridge early in the morning for her lwhen we are going out for  lunch or dinner.

She has almost all her teeth in place except for the last 4 molars, so she now has powerful jaw to chew on almost anything.

To celebrate her 2nd birthday, I've baked a chocolate strawberry cake her.
This cake took me almost whole of last night to complete as it's my first time baking a 2 layered cake with frosting and decor.
I've baked the cake yesterday afternoon while bb was having her afternoon nap and only make the icing, frosting and decor at 11pm after putting her to bed.

I gotta complete the tedious baking and frosting by this morning as we need be in school for bb's annual Parent Teacher Conference and follow by lunch for our small family celebration at a Japanese restaurant.

I've done 90% of the cake decor and left with the last bit of decor to be assembled at my mum's place later.
Yah, we are celebrating her birthday at my mum's place tonight.

I can only take the cake pic when I put up everything together at my mum's place.

My darling girl, Happy Birthday!
Mommy loves you always!