Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Very Sick!

I've been sick since Christmas Eve, in fact I was not feeling well since BB Rae's birthday since I'd stayed up through the night to complete her birthday.

On Christmas Eve morning, I rushed to Phoon Huat to get the baking stuff for the Christmas Oreo cheesecake and caught a cold there due to the blasting aircon.

My body temperature spike to 38.8'c on Friday and developed terrible sored throat.
I refused to go to doctor since I know I'd never take the antibiotic, so I endured the terrible body ache and sore throat till now.

My throat is still inflamed but is better then what it was 2 days ago and still have fever around 38'c.
I hope to get well by tomorrow to receive the new year!

It is my worst nightmare to fall ill with no help and still have to look after bb, do housework, cooks and clean etc.......
I get very depressed whenever I am ill........

Fear of a SAHM (with no help) is to fall sick!

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