Monday, October 26, 2009

Travel Fair on 25 Oct 2009

Yesterday (Sunday) RY and myself went to Suntec for the Chan Brothers Travel Fair.
We were surprised to also see ASA, Dynasty & CTC also at Suntec/ Marina Sq to held their in-house fair.

We were considering to go Egypt via either Chan Bros or ASA since the price and similar, during 2010 CNY.
We were at the fair since 11am (went to TCM at 9am for my accupuncture) and it was tough decision.
We went for lunch in Republic Foodcourt and had fried hokkien mee as well as carrot cake.
We went back to make further enquiries.

But as we cant make up our mind since RY is contemplating to go back Ipoh during CNY or go tour, we decided to go home to rest and ponder about it.

We went to Pizza Hut near our house for chocolate cake (with a scope of ice cream).
Yummy .......... I must say that the new dessert in Pizza Hut is rather good.

We reach home at 4.30pm and we looked thru the tour pamphlet and then finally decided to go with Chan Bros to Egypt.

At 6pm, we drove back to Suntec and make a final enquiry at ASA and Chan Bros and then went ahead to book the tour with Chan Bros as the price is better = SGD2,438 via SG (exclude taxes).

As we book rather late, we've missed to chance to get free luggage bag offered by Citibank.

Then we proceeded to having Japanese dinner at Republic foodcourt.

We had 2 bento sets (1 sashimi/ sushi set and 1 beef set) and the total cost being $34, which is value for money.

We're really happy to book the Egypt tour since we've been planning to go Egypt for 5 years

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