Sunday, October 4, 2009

Actual Day of Mooncake Festival Party - 3 Oct Sat

The party on Saturday was a success!

Due to the annual close, I gotta work at home in the afternoon from 2pm to 5.30pm.
After the mooncake shopping, I quickly rush home to work on the annual reporting.
Finally cleared some work till 5.30pm then had my shower and change.

Sis (Cat) helped me collected the food from BBQ House from Ubi and they arrive at about 6pm.
RY went to fetch mum and sis (Khim) and Joseph (nephew) over.
The kids went swimming in the pool.
We had wanted to have the party in the garden in my condo but just when we're about to start to lay the food on the table, there was a slight drizzle.

I immediately get my sis (Ade) to bring the food up to my apartment.
It was the right decision as half hour later, it was pouring cats & dogs ..........

We layed the table and start feasting while waiting for the kids to return from the pool.

The catered food from BBQHouse was surprisingly good.
The portion is also very good and we've alot of left over despite the order was for 10 paxs.
I think the portion is good for 12 to 15 paxs.
I'll definitely order from BBQ House again.
Food ordered ($104.50):
Veg mee hoon for 10 paxs
curry vegetable for 10 paxs
buffalo wings - 30 pcs
nuggets - 20 pcs
fishball - 20 pcs
spring roll - 20 pcs
chix satay - 50 sticks
Ketupak - 10 pcs
sambal chilie - 1 packet

I've also bought 4 bottles of drinks, cocktail nuts, chips, beer etc

The grand finale was the mooncake time (see previouse post on the mooncake pics).
I've bought 10 diferent flavours - durian, choco, blueberry cheese, green tea, champedek, mango, banana yogurt, strawberry yogurt and yam with pumkin.  Mum also brought 1 box of traditional lian rong flavour.
As we've excess, we've also given 1 box of the traditional flavour to our Korean neighbour.
She also gave her some of her home make kimchi and gass noodle which we ate is as next morning's breakfast.

After the mooncake feast, the childrean and myself with RY went to the garden to play with lantern and mini fireworks.

The party ended at about 10pm and RY send mum home.

It was such an enjoyable night and I look forward to another gathering with th family.

Niece - Shervone and Nephew - Siew Mun Zai

Whole family (exclude RY & myself not in picture)

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