Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mooncake Shopping

Every year Takashimaya would have mooncake shopping fair in their B2 open space.
Its a good chance to sample various kind of mooncake at one go since all the major hotels, bakeries & restaurants would participate in the fair.

This year I went to the fair thrice; the first was last Monday 28 Sept to shortlist the flavours.

On Fri, we bought from Kia Hiang the mini snowskin mooncake (9 pcs in a box) which cost $36 after 10% discount, the first box consists of pure durian and the second consists of 4 choco, 2 blueberry cheese, 2 green tea and 1 durian; also bought from Golden Peoney a box of snowskin consists of 2 banana yogurt and 2 strawberry yogurt which cost $27 after 40% discount.

As my niece has requested for mango flavour, we've gone back to Taka on Saturday late morning to source for it as it was a sold out on the prevous day.
We bought from Goodwood Park 2 boxes of mangoes and champedek which cost $52 per box.
My mum loves yam so we also bought a box of yam with pumkin fried skin mooncake for her ($18 per box of 2 pcs)

See pictuers of the mooncakes.

Assortment of mooncake

Kia Hiang - 4 choco, 2 blueberry cheese, 2 green tea & 1 durian

Kia Kiang - 9 pcs snowskin durian

Goodwood Park - mixure of 2 champedek & 2 mango

Golden Peoney - mixture of 2 Banana Yogurt & Strawberry Yogurt

Shi Zhen - fried skin yam with pumkin

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