Sunday, October 11, 2009

St James - DragonFly

Do you believe if I tell you last Fri was my first visit to St James Power Station?

Jas & Est had agreed to meet up for a girls night out on last Fri about a month ago.
It was an eye-opener as its my first time to a night spot since 4 years ago ........... yep, its that long since I was obsessed with getting pregnant and didnt want to have any late nighte which may affect my sleep pattern.

I think the night scene is totally different from what it was years back when I was actively "lancing" in the discotheque.
There're many different bar in St James and we went to the Dragonfly.

We were there about 10.30pm and its already pretty packed.  The cover charge is $15 for ladies and you get a stamp on your hand which allows you to "bar hop" throught out the night to the various clubs in St James.
The main distinction of the night club now compared to 5 years ago being - there's no dance floor, instead its a big stage right in the middle for the live show performance.
People are standing around and shaking their bom bom anywhere they can find space.
Retro music was played from 10.30pm till 12 mid-night, when the live performance starts.
The live show lasted about an hour then followed by DJ spinning the disc ............
Sad to say that most of the musics are unfamiliar to me so I just stood there watching the young people lancing ............ About an hour later, the live show continue ............

We waited till about 2.30am to go home.

Its really an experience after disappearing from the night scene for so long.
I look forward to another girls night outing.

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