Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saline Sonography

Today I went to hospital to do saline sono test, which was the 3rd time I do the test (after each D&C, my gynae would send me to do this test).
This test was ordered by my Doc since he want to check if my womb is healing well.
This test to be done within 10 days of 1st day of menses.

I called up the hospital on 30 Sept and they've given me the time slot on 6 Oct 9am.

This morning I arrived at the hospital at 8.30am and the nurse did my registration and bring me to the doc to sign the consent form.
The doc who performed the saline sono for me is Dr Ong and she was the doc who did my 1st saline sono in Aug 2008 and the 2nd time in Feb 2009 was performed by Dr Lam. 
I personally think that Dr Ong is a better doc then Dr Lam.
The actual process commenced at 8.50am and it finished at 9.30am.
The bill was $182/=.

I went to the Guan Ying temple to do my prayer before I took a cab to work.
The cab fare today was $13/=.

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