Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Christmas Gifts from Office Colleagues

Every year I'd give something to my colleagues to show appreciation to them.
Previous year, 2009, I gave the ladies musical bear and "christmasy" candies for the men and last year, 2010, I gave everyone a glass coaster individually wrapped by myself.
I've started the sourcing and wrapping in Nov and it's no joke to wrap ~ 100 gifts ......... it took 3 Sundays to complete the wrapping.

This is a pic of what I've gotten from my colleagues for 2010 xmas - the pic is taken in my office.
Yep, this is my room and it is big enough to accomodate a discussion corner where I hold meetings/ discussion with my colleagues/ visitors.
So I layed all the presents on the coffee table for display.

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