Sunday, January 9, 2011

There is Hope!

We just renewed our Starhub broadband subscription for another 2 years.
To make the sign on deal sweeter, Starhub offered 3 months FOC cable TV for our viewing.

Yesterday I watched a documentary - Big Cat Odyssey on National Geographic channel.
This documentary is about award-winning filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert on their 30-year-long quest to document the behaviour of big cats in Botswana, this film brings together three decades worth of material, including extraordinary footage of hunting lions, scavenging hyenas and stealthy leopards.

I was touched by a night scene where an elephant was attacked by a group of 7 lionesses.
At one point, the elephant was almost giviing up and we thought it'd die under the ruthless attack of the lionessess. 
Then miracle happened, the poor elephant forced itself up and run for its life.
I was so happy that this elephant managed to survive against all odds!

It has taught us a valuable lesson - Never Give Up as There is HOPE! 

To all ladies out there trying to have your miracle baby, pls dont give up!
Yes, there is Hope as long as we dont give up!

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