Thursday, March 31, 2011

First day of being a SAHHM

29 Mar 2011 marked the 1st day of being a SAHHM.
I didn't go for my morn exercise and instead had breakfast with RY then do some house cleaning to pack those stuff that I brought back from office.
Basically to tidy up the house.

At about 11am then I left home for Bugis temple - Si Ma Lu Guan Ying temple.
From Bugis I walked to Orchard road as I have an appointment with my beautician to do IPL for hair removal service.
The walk was relaxing and nice, it just took me about 25 mins to get there by foot.
This journey proved to be useful as I get to find out where Hotel Grand Central is, so that I can get there in time to catch my coach to KL which is operated by WTS.
I ve chosen WTS over other coach operators since it's departing from Orchard instead of Golden Mile which is more convenient for me in terms of location.
The price of single trip ticket is S$35 and if you re getting the return ticket, it will cost S$65.
I only get one way tix to KL since RY will be coming this Fri and we'll go back together on Monday.

After my IPL treatment, I went to run some errands like banking etc.
I didn't eat proper lunch but I got myself some snacks like Crystal Jade's cha siew puff and Beard PaPz cream puff for my nephews as I am visiting my mom.

Went to mom's place to feel the motherly love and also the comfort from her.
Then I went to Daiso for some shopping and picked up some cute Japanese stationery, kitchen supplies and snacks for SIL in KL.

Only managed to reach home at about 5.30pm then quickly change bedsheet and get ready to prepare dinner.

After dinner, I quickly packed for my KL trip and only get to bed at about 12 midnight.

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