Monday, March 28, 2011

New Beginning!

Today mark the last day of my working life (I am not sure if I'll get back to work again after this break ........ So it may be the last day).

The feeling is very weird and I don't know how to describe it.

Tomorrow I think I will still wake up per normal at 6am and laze around till it's time to go for my morning exercise at 7am.
Then I will either go library or temple ...... Or go shopping .......

This Wed I will take a coach to KL to meet up my in-laws to visit an auntie who is currently hospitalize.
RY can't go with me since he has to work but he'll drive up to KL on Fri.
Being jobless now, means I can control my timetable and need not worry about work or reporting due dates.
I am my own boss but with no salary lor.

I need to think of how to make use of my free time better.
Maybe I can do some charity volunteering work?
Let me slowly think about it!

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