Sunday, March 20, 2011

Counting down to be a SAHHM!

My official last day of work falls on 28 Mar and from the next day onwards I'll be a jobless "stay at home hope-to-be mum" (SAHHM)!
Not sure if this is a universal term but I've created this term to give a new status of what I am going to be for the next phase of my life ......
Those non-working mum are known as SAHM - stay at home mum, so people like me who take break from work to try to conceive, would be known as SAHHM - Stay at home hope-to-be mum!

Frankly speaking, for the past few days I ve been rather stressEd up and have developed gastric problem.
I think the fear of uncertainty and no $$$$ after 28 Mar has great impact.
I ve never been jobless ever since I graduated from uni.
Upon graduation, I started work immediately in an audit firm and have never stopped working since then.
Each time when I changed job, the transition was merely a week's break in between, so I never had such fear of stopping work with no income.

I ve been trying to calm myself down, so I went for my usual exercise to have a quiet time by myself to think thru my rational of tendering my resignation.
I believe I am doing the right thing, I just need to have faith in it!
I must believe in my decision.

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