Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Day in KL

It was an exciting day because I nearly missed my bus to KL!

RY was really complacent that a Wed morning will be a smooth traffic day and he insisted having breakfast at home which resulted in us leaving the house at 6.55am.
It didn't help that one of the lift was out of order and the whole block of residences (29 floors with 4 units per floor) only got one lift to use during the morning peak hour.

I am supposed to reach WTS office at 7am for registration and bus to depart at 7.30am.
I quickly called up the agency telling them that i'll be late and they informed that the bus cant wait so I gotta reach their office in 10 mins time.

As we get o PIE, it was a horror to see massive traffic jam.
At 7.25am, I was at the corner turning into Orchard road from Scotts road.
Then my phone rang, it was the WTS staff asking if I am coming.
I told them I am less than 5 mins away and told them to wait.

I was lucky enough to reach WTS office for the registration by 7.30am.
It was embarrassing to see other passengers waiting at the bus for me and the driver.
But we managed to drive off at 7.35am.

The journey was very pleasant.
The bus was a 28 seaters coach but there were only 7 passengers.
We stopped at Yong Peng at 10am for 20 mins and then arrived KL Mid Valley at 1pm.
As I chose to alight at Berjaya Time Square which was the next stop, so I only reached at about 1.30pm.

So i walked around I BJT mall and had my lunch before I catch a taxi to SIL place.

I am glad that I made it to KL safe and sound.
Lesson learnt - Gotta leave home early to catch the bus!

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