Saturday, February 20, 2010

Praying to the Ancestor

This CNY as I was in Ipoh, I told RY that I'd like to pay respect to his late granny (MIL's mum) since her tablet is placed in Ipoh's temple.

So on Day 1 of CNY, the whole family (PIL, BIL, RY & myself) went to the temple to pray to the late granny.

We ernestly pray that she'll bless us with an offspring to RY's family .........

Actually the correct way should be to pray to FIL's parents since we chinese believe in carrying the family line (the father family name) ........... but it's rather challenging since the late FIL's parents' grave are in Cameron ......... maybe this Ching Ming we can try to cooincide to drive back to Cameron with PIL, but subject to our working schedule.

According to MIL, this was what she did when she was trying to get preggy 30 yrs ago and upon praying to the husband's father ancestor, she got preg about a month later.

I hope the late ancestors do understand our wish and kindly grant it to us ............

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