Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy CNY - Year of the Tiger!

I'm typing this post in Ipoh!

Yes, we're back in Ipoh for the Chinese New Year celebration.

We'd usually come back to Ipoh every year for CNY except for last year as I was preggy (2nd pregnancy) and RY didnt want me to suffer in the traffic jam or tired myself during the long journey.
Unfortunately my baby girl didnt manage to survive the 1st trimester and I did D&C on 27 Feb 2009 to remove the dead foetus .......... that day was also my wedding anniversary............

In fact CNY gives me a mix feeling, one being Happy mood since its a joyful festival but at the same time sense of lost of my beloved baby - Angelina.........
My in-laws were not aware of the 1st & 2nd pregnancy as we've never shared with them except for the 3rd one since we were in KL - I was panic of the spotting and went to local hospital to get progesterone jab.

I hope that I can leave all the unhappiness (lost of my 3 babies) behind in the Year of Ox and look forward for my baby in the Year of Tiger!

I'd like to wish all of you/ us Happy CNY and May all your/ our wishes come true!

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