Monday, February 22, 2010

TCM Updates on 21 Feb

Yesterday I went to the TCM and updated about my late cycle (mens at CD37) and the commencement of the birth control pills.

She aked if I'd like to take any chinese medication now till completion of IVF cycle and she wanted me to make the decision as she knew that KKH doesnt endorse the use of chinese medication.

She said I've to be comfortable with my own decision since IVF is a very stressful journey and she doesnt want to add unnecessary stress to me should I consume chinese herbs (what if the stimulation response is poor this time and I may blame myself for taking the herbs).

She was an experienced fertility doc/ surgeon in China and its common and part of the IVF protocol there to do acpuncture and medication concurrently before/ during & after IVF treatment.

After much consideration, I think I wont take the medication for fear of unnecessary worries on the stimulation impact.

The TCM kept telling me not to be stressed since I've done what I can and should let nature take its cause.

To be frank, would you not be worried after 3 successful pregnancy but end up in miscarraiges?

But true enough, I think I should/ must try to relax.
Wish me luck!

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