Monday, February 22, 2010

Quit my Job?

Today RY asked me to quit my job to concentrate on my fertility treatment.

I told him I'm all ready to quit as long as he's ready to support me and give me allowance which he agrees, but it'll be just a token sum.
I told him I'll resign any time once I think my work is too hectic to cope .........

I think I wont resign till my baby is born to be a SAHM as I believe in caring my own baby.
A healthey & normal baby is the best gift to all Mother and Mother's tender loving care is the best gift for all babies .........

To be honest, I'm worried of over dependence single source of income since SG is a rather expensive country to live, some say it's a place "where you can die but not fall sick"!

Hey, dont think I'm kidding, many fellow sporean will agree with the above statement.

But having said that, I'll still quit for the sake of my baby!
At this moment, motherhood is the most important to me and money & career is secondary with the least priority ..........

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